According to the PISA 2012 (Programme International Students Assessment), of the

participating countries, Malaysia is ranked

when it came to problem solving skills.

The test is an internationally recognised assessment that gauges the standards of a student’s output in critical thinking.

This is worrying because Malaysian students are at the bottom

out of the


and these students are the future leaders of our nation.

To realise Vision 2020 where Malaysia will become a fully developed nation, we need to focus on nurturing the students today.

According to Pearson’s Talent Assessment, the main factors that lead a nation to a fully developed status are creative & critical thinking, problem solving and higher order thinking skills.

Our solution, Turbo Charge Learning for SCHOOL.

The Turbo Charge Learning Social Division focuses on students, parents, teachers and families from all walks of life. By introducing the program in school, the situation above can be greatly improved because we are addressing the problem at its root cause.

LH Learning Group is pleased to present the Turbo Charge Learning Social Division, our programme that has been redesigned to support students through education while involving teachers and parents to achieve the best results.



Turbo Charge Learning Social Division is created to help all students regardless of their performance in school, with a special focus on the Form 3 and 5 students.


  • Build confidence
  • Develop a positive mindset
  • Develop creative, critical and higher order thinking skills
  • Enhance problem solving skills
  • Make learning Fun, Easy and Effective

Ultimately, it aims to enable the students to score A’s in school and in life!

Having kick-started the initiative in 2012, LHLG only had 1 aim in mind, and that is to create a significant impact in the education industry.

Given the right strategies, we believe that every student possesses the potential to be successful in school and in life.

Through our programme, we have inspired and empowered over 20,000 students (and counting!).

We are able to achieve this level of success with the help of our partners. Our partners have contributed either in cash or in kind.

Together with our partners, we are on our way to create an even bigger impact in the students’ lives.