Turbo Charge Learning JumpStart DVD

Introducing the SECRETS to how any student can score A’s using our easy and effective learning skills.

So if you’re serious about ACHIEVE MORE, within a SHORTER TIME frame;
and while having FUN, then you’re at the RIGHT PLACE.

Dear Learner,
You may spend HOURS studying, but if you don’t know

How your
MEMORY works ?



How you can


You might be working
against yourself, just like
trying to fill a bucket with
holes in it!

Cramming information in bulk for hours and hours on end without a break, and skipping sleep is definitely NOT the way to go!

Are you unwittingly contributing to the forgetting process? Would it be better to learn the secrets of how the TOP students actually study so easily and have so much more time to spend on activities that they enjoy??


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Study smarter, boost your child’s grades, pass exams and gain the confidence to succeed in school and in life. Discover highly effective study techniques most ordinary students are never ever shown!

Based on the scientific discoveries in neuroscience about how the brain works, learning experts in the field of Advanced Accelerated Learning Skills like Webster @ Webby, can show you/your child how to cultivate . . .

High Speed Reading!

Simple & Effective Notes!

High Performing Memory!

All these (and more) in our “Turbo Charge Learning” DVD!

Our aim is simple; to help YOU be more successful.

Our specialty is helping students improve the effectiveness in READING, making simple but Powerful NOTES & improve MEMORY with SIMPLE yet EFFECTIVE techniques that help YOU – “the STUDENTS” save time and get more done each day!!

This DVD tutorial is specifically tailored for students & teachers to discover Effective Learning Skills from a popular programme called “Turbo Charge Learning”.

The DVD in this box contains the SIOW Study formula (Input Learning) that consists of Speed Reading, Note Making & Super Memory skills.

Combined together, they help students speed read, make better notes & develop a better memory.

What’s in the DVD

– TCL Intro (You’re a Genius)
– TCL Speed Reading
– TCL Note Making
– TCL Super Memory
– Bonus clip!