Turbo Charge Learning Coaching Programme

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Follow-up programme for above 10 years old

Turbo Charge Learning “Coaching” programme is a follow-up programme aimed at helping students master the learning skills acquired from the “Junior” or “JumpStart” workshops. Students are coached on personalising the skills to suit their learning style. The modules are designed to guide the students in forming a new habit towards learning.



How to personalise the skills


How to apply the skills onto their current syllabus

After attending the Turbo Charge Learning “Junior” or “JumpStart” workshops, this is a follow-up programme that will further benefit the students by giving them the ability to make full use of the skills learned to yield better results. Students will be able to adapt these skills to suit their own learning styles in order to gain the best outcome in and outside of schools.

A series of coaching sessions that is focused on how students can apply the Turbo Charge Learning skills on a personalised level. By attending these coaching sessions, students will master the effective learning skills and turn them into habitual skills.

This will result in having a better understanding of their subjects, an enhanced memory and improved their creative & critical thinking, analytical and problem solving skills.

There will be two Options of follow-up to choose from;

Coaching Programme

  • 1 coach : 1-6 students
  • 12 Sessions
  • 1 session per week

Transformation Programme

  • 1 coach : 12 students
  • 48 sessions
  • 1 session per week